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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:34 am

Of course, the rules. All sites have them and this one's no different.

  1. First and foremost, no godmodding. If you don't know what godmodding is, ask one of the members, if they don't know PM a staff member.
  2. Before using a race that is not specified in the race guide, clear it with an admin please.
  3. You may have more than one thread at a time, for now, but try to have it make sense please. Make it so it doesn't create an alternate time line or something, I know it sounds dumb but I have seen it happen before, so please mind the Time space laws.
  4. Please read all the rules so we don't have to yell at you for doing something wrong or something that isn't allowed.
  5. No sexual content on the public section of the site! I get it, some people need it for plot or just wanna have fun but the site could be deleted if this happens! Not only that but I don't doubt that there might be little kids browsing the site. Contact me if you want to do that kind of rping!
  6. No Flaming, Raging, Trolling, Troll bating, or any other unneeded conflict with in the CB(Chat Box), if you got something to say that might offend some one, take it to PM's.
  7. No Advertising in the CB please, we have a section for this, please use it, and please don't spam us with 100 advertisements a month, 2 a week is what we allow, if we see more then that, we will ban you IP's, thank you for your consideration.
  8. Please be original, do not steal other peoples ideas, or copy their weapons/abilities with out their ok first, its only fair that if they come up with something unique, they get to keep it for them self's if they want.
  9. Everything must be explainable IC(in character) or you cant do it.
  10. Staff has last say, period, end of story, do not argue with them; If you feel a staff member is abusing their power please contact an admin, or if an admin is abusing their power please contact Valkyrie (This will change, please just contact me if need be, this rule will be fixed once the site gets back on its feet.) for assistance.Thank you.
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Site Rules
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