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Earth Creatures


The most basic of earth creatures, I hope an explanation is not needed.


Elves are not actual elves but normal humans who have had small surgeries to alter the appearance of their ears and sometimes their face. However, those that call themselves elves are nature and animal lovers, much like elves in stories. Elves insist that they are not human but a different race and take great offense to being called human.


Nekos are humans who have had many complicated and risky surgeries, the end result of which is the removal of their human ears and replacement animal ears on the top of their head as well as an animal tail growing from the base of their spine. The kind of animal it is varies greatly but it is almost always a mammal and never an aquatic animal.


Mermaids are humans who have had surgeries that fuse their legs together and give them gills. Because of the fact that their normal genital areas are removed in this process, a mermaid cannot have any sex, other than oral of course, and all, er, waste matter exits their bodies the way a fish's would. They are able to breathe above water as well as underwater but, obviously, they are unable to walk on land.


Furries have taken it one step further than mermaids or nekos and changed their entire appearance to resemble their animals. They are human sized, of course, and walk on two legs but have fur and an animal like head. Sometimes they will have paws or hooves or hands that somewhat resemble paws or hooves. Some furries have even taken it as far as changing, or adding to, their existing genitals so that they resemble what their animal's genitals look like.
For help understanding:


Cyborgs are half-human, half-robot. Sometimes this is their choice and they wanted to alter their appearance in this way instead of with plastic surgery. Other times the robotic parts are necessary and are required for them to live. This might be a result of an accident, disease, etc.


Robots are completely robotic and there is no human parts in them whatsoever. Some have artificial intelligence and act and think, sometimes even look like, humans. Others have no human-like characteristics and act completely robotic.



A vampire needs blood to live, but is not affected by garlic. They are, however, affected by crosses and blessed things, like the Tefuel are. Unlike classic vampires, they are only in pain because of the sun; it doesn't kill them. Vampires can be born through the same process a human is born or a human can be turned into one through an extremely painful process that begins immediately after being bit by a vampire.


Though they are called werewolves, they are not just wolves. They could be of any animal, even an aquatic animal. A werewolf can be created or born just like a vampire. The child of two werewolves won't be one of the parent's animal or a mix of them. It could be an entirely different animal. A werewolf's animal will reflect his personality. For example, if a very proud man who is a natural leader and has big ego is bit or clawed by a werewolf, most likely his animal will be a lion. These werewolves can transform at will, not just at the full moon, though it does seem to make them stronger. A silver bullet won't kill them but it, and any other silver object, causes them great pain, much like the sun does to vampires.



A ghost could be a Teufel who is not strong enough to fully manifest all of the time or it could also be a human or hybrid who has died and become a ghost. Obviously it's very hard to study ghosts so nobody knows how exactly a person becomes a ghost after death or if there is any way to ensure that you will come back as a ghost.


This is a huge category and no two demons are alike. There is no real way for one to look at a person and determine if he or she is a demon or not. All demons are not entirely human and usually have some sort of demonic aspect, like demonic looking tails, horns, scales, or bat-like wings. But some look entirely human and can change into some demonic creature. And because of the amount of plastic surgery possible, it is never easy to tell whether something is a genuine demon or just a plastic surgery junkie. Demons are evil and love to indulge in carnal desires like sex and drinking. Some examples of demons are succubi and incubi.



Angels indeed just as the name suggests, beautiful, graceful, winged creatures with halos. Nobody is sure exactly what they are or if they are Teufel. They became visible soon after the Teufel's first coming but nobody knows if they were here before then and the comet made them visible or if they came because of the comet. The angels do interact with people and are able to be touched. They are innocent, good spirited creatures who will help a person in need.
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