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PostSubject: Statistics   Statistics I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 12:02 pm

First of all, a description of the stats you will have:

StrengthStrength determines how hard you can hit, how much weight you can lift, how hard you can throw, things of that nature, it has nothing to do with how many times you can do these actions, just how much power you can put in to them.
SpeedSpeed affects how fast someone can run or do things. It does not affect whether they can dodge blows or how quick they react to attacks, just how fast your movement is.
AgilityAgility affects the gracefulness of a person's movements, their flexibility, how they move basically. For example, a person with low agility might be clumsy while a person with high agility wouldn't be.
ReflexReflex affects whether the person can dodge blows and how quickly they react to attacks or actions. For example, a person with high reflex that falls out of a tree is more likely to be able to reach out and grab a branch to catch him or herself than a person with low reflex. Another example could be walking past someone who drops something, A person with high reflex is more likely to be able to catch it before it hits the ground than a person with low reflex.
StaminaStamina affects how long your character can run before needing to take a break, how quickly he or she recovers from a blow or attack, how long he or she can hold or carry something before needing to take a break, ect.
IntelligenceThis is not just how smart you are, it is also how fast you can come up with things under pressure, Example of this is; You are in a fight, some one sets the area around you on fire, some one with Low Intelligence would freak out, and have trouble coming with an exit strategy, where some one with a high Intelligence would be out of there in no time, while being able to keep a cool head.

This mostly comes in to play in combat or in tactical planning, it is not really an every day use stat, but that doesn't make it any less important.  
When making a character, you will have 50 points to put on your stats. You can have a max of 15 starting points on each stat and you have to have at least 5 on each stat.

To make your stats go up, you don't buy or do training threads. You will earn them through normal threads. Once you are finished with a thread, message a mod or admin, preferably the mod or admin controlling that part of the forum, and ask them to evaluate your thread. They will post in the thread how many points on what stats you and anyone else in it has earned. This will be based on what has happened in the thread. Stats can have a max of 100 points.

The idea for this type of stat system came from another rp site called Mizahar . I give them all credit for the idea! Smile
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