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 Random event- Small Story by Night.

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Random event- Small Story by Night.  Empty
PostSubject: Random event- Small Story by Night.    Random event- Small Story by Night.  I_icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2012 6:29 pm

It was a Saturday night in the middle of spring in a small town. The flowers were blooming, the last real day of spring vacation, and there was a dance in our little town. Everyone was dancing, no one with a specific partner. The girls were wearing short skirts and bikini tops while the boys wore only knee length shorts. Even the fat and out of shape people were having fun, their rolls of fat and flab bouncing randomly as they moved. There was no band but a boom box, and it all took place upon the beach with tiki torches. A recreational of the Hawaiian parties in a way.
Everyone was having fun till suddenly a band of thugs raided the party. Everyone panicked and ran in random directions, trying to avoid being beaten by the raiders as they invaded. The thugs wore bandanas, eye patches, had cigars in their mouths, torn up shirts with leather vests and loose black chained pants. They carried crowbars and spiked bats-bashing everything in sight. Some of the boys tried to fight back to give the girls some time, but were beaten into the sand-staining the grains red. In the panic, the thugs looked like ogres; standing twelve feet tall, arms wide as a house door and just as thick with muscle reaching down to the ground for their knuckles so they can hobble like gorillas while holding onto railroad tracks or tree trunks.
As suddenly as the ogres appeared, another group of warriors showed up and attacked the beasts. One had a large double sided axe, spiked pauldrens, orange vest, green prickly hair, and camouflage pants. He jumped onto one ogre and slammed the side of his axe into the ogre's head making a loud gong from the vibrations of the metal axe. The Ogre tried to reach the axe wielding maniac, but the warrior was too swift and agile, avoiding the monster's giant hands and slamming his axe into any vulnerable spot on the hands and back.
A different warrior yelled out to the leader of the Ogres "You are breaking the Law." Before jumping into the beast's chest, grappling it's neck. This warrior had straps across his bare chest, fingerless gloves, blonde flowing hair, and simple grey slacks and no shoes. The Ogre pried him off with ease like a small cat, and attempted to beat the warrior with it's club. However, the warrior grabbed the club; stopping it in it's path. He threw the club away before prying himself free of the ogre's grip and tackled the monster again. The Ogre fell, dropping it's club, as the two went into a wrestling match. Back and forth they went, the warrior getting the ogre into a hold, the ogre breaking the hold and putting the warrior in a counter hold, the warrior breaking out and repeating the cycle.
The last warrior was a female, as one could tell by her breasts being compressed in a navy-blue sleeveless top that covered only her chest and exposing her stomach, long brown pony tail hair, and her long white skirt with a navy-blue sweatshirt tied around her waste. She held a sword that would take a man three times her size, both hands, to wield; one handed and was taunting the remaining ogres to come at her. They implied, charging, as she jumped into the air at them. She came down slamming the sword onto the first Ogre's head, bringing him down to the ground cracking his skull upon impact, sending a cloud of sand into the air. As the sand settled, she was swinging viciously at the remaining Ogres, just missing each swing and avoiding their counter attacks of their clubs. She clashed with one, trapping herself as the other began to swing when the green haired warrior body checked the third Ogre away. He swung his axe over his shoulder, holding the hilt with his right hand and simple walked to the fallen Ogre. The Ogre stood and attempted to strike the green haired warrior, smashing it's club into the ground on top of the warrior. The warrior evaded, jumping back each time. Fed up with the Ogre's attempts of disabling his advance, he tossed the axe into the air over the Ogre's head-jumped into the air- caught the axe- and came down slamming the broad axe onto the Ogre's head making another loud "Gong" sound. The warrior landed. The Ogre stumbled back two steps. He wound his axe up before running up to the Ogre's exposed torso, and slashed upwards while jumping. The warrior cleaved the chest of the Ogre open. As he fell, the Warrior spun his axe in the air like a helicopter. The Ogre's head came clean off.
The female warrior was still clashed with the second Ogre. She was being pushed back from the Ogre's strength. Just when it seemed like she would loose the struggle and have her body caved in from the Ogre's steel bar, she threw the Ogre back with one last push. As the Ogre stumbled, she jumped straight into the air. She wound her sword back for a strike. In an instant she appeared behind the Ogre, holding the sword out as if she swung. The Ogre stood still for what seemed like a minute with the female kneeling behind him. She stood up and rested the giant sword upon her back, and the Ogre fell apart into four halves. Blood exploded and pooled around the four large chunks. She looked at her green haired companion, before both looked to the blonde haired warrior still wrestling the leader. The two were still rolling around; grappling and breaking each other's grabs. The blonde warrior got under the Ogre and lifted it into the air by the waist with both arms. He leaned back, slamming the Ogre on it's head in a suplex. He rolled with the Ogre's body by jumping as it swung back, and landed on the other side. He performed another suplex-then another- and another- till he finally leapt into the air, carrying the Ogre with him. The two flew till they were nothing but specs into the sky. The warrior came falling, holding the Ogre pointing head first to the ground, spinning. The warrior Pile-dived the Ogre into the ground causing sand to explode upward as though a pile of dynamite just went off. The warrior stood in a pit slowly being filled by the rising tide with the smashed up corpse of the Ogre next to him. He climbed out and dusted himself off, then looked at his team mates. They all nodded and walked off the beach.
Everyone looked around, the beach littered with corpses of people and Ogres. Blood everywhere, staining the sand. The party tables were broken, nothing left to be eaten or drank. However, the boom box continued to play. The survivors begun to dance once more, enjoying their last day of spring break; not even questioning what just happened but going with it as though it happened every day.
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Random event- Small Story by Night.
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