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 Angels and Demons

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PostSubject: Angels and Demons   Angels and Demons I_icon_minitimeSat May 05, 2012 11:32 am


It is x number of years in the future, global warming has prevailed, and all but the highest points on Earth are flooded. Because of this, humans have evolved into 4 factions: Mermaids: with gills and "tails", angels, with wings, soul-suckers, who can sense and manipulate any living thing, and diggers, with claws like a badger. Diggers were the first and evolved before the world flooded. The fumes from the factories, cars, and things like that made the air poisonus. They evolved to be able to be able to burrow underground where the air was clearer. There is a small popilation of normal humans in the biggest cluster of islands. I'm not sure I have any other word for them except "government". On a small cross shaped island they hold all four kinds of "mutants" except for soul-suckers. Nothing is known about them except for what they can do because they are so dangerous and uncontrollable. Their powers are tied to their thoughts and emotions.

The flooding was slow and wasn't really noticed except when houses and buildings on the shores of the oceans and rivers had to be evacuated. Even then, people only paid attention for a couple of weeks. They only realized it was going to keep flooding and was going to be a danger after the evacuations started happening more often and after they realized how much the ice caps had melted. Once they realized this, people started migrating to mountains and places high above sea level. The governments fell apart. These places got crowded quickly and people started to try to move to the mountainus regions of China. Because of how populated China is, and because China actually carefully planned out ehat to do instead of panicking and scattering, small villages, usually made up of a cluster of huts and a makeshift church, were already established and filled. Some people gave up and decided to settle elsewhere...others stayed and lived outside the villages, raiding them for food and supplies at night. A few, mostly women and children or families, were pitied and taken into the already crowded villages. Because of the raids and the extra people, rough wooden fences were built around the villages with only one entrance. It was guarded at all times, always by men. Women weren't allowed to be guards because they were more likely to take pity on people begging to be let in. Scientists would buy theur way in with new technologies or inventions only to be kicked out once they revealed how it worked. Children were sometimes left outside the gate or used to try to bribe their way inside. But inside it wasn't much better. The only difference was that you knew you could find shelter an knew you would have food in the morning. At least until the supplies ran out. Once that happened, they had to send people out to hunt or search the cities that were still above the water. People did eventually start to grow food but the mountain soil didn't grow much. Many people starved to death and some welcomed the corpses with hopes of dinner. The people still living outside the villages welcomed the deaths because it meant a chance to live inside....
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Angels and Demons
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