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 Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses

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PostSubject: Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses   Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 1:08 am

From the simplest of pixel games from the past to the grand heavy for detail games of today; if you are a gamer there is always those few bosses that strike you completely when you reach them. Be it their music, to the story or just from the fight being so ungodly epic itself, that is leaves you no choice but to forever burn it into your memory; you have those grand bosses and final bosses of the games you have played in your past. Even if you are not a gamer, and have just watched other people play, I know there are moments where you yourself have a memory or two of bosses you have seen, that in the same reasons above that you had no choice but to burn them into your memory to. I wish to know what your favorite bosses are, which will probably be more likely final bosses of games you have played or watched. Give out a reason as to why they are your favorite, and what awe struck you in a couple of sentences for each. Share your experiences with us.

5: Marluxia chain of memories/ re-chain of memories. Starting with Marluxia, for a game where you had to use cards this guy was a pain in the neck. In easy mode, you only had to fight Marluxia twice; where as on hard mode you had to face him three times. Once as him in his normal form where he can rift the ground in a giant wave, cause three large tornados of roses that remove your cards if you touch them, and an explosive wave where he slams down onto the ground. Not to mention he is constantly teleporting over the map as his music plays in the background. It made him hard to hit, and just a constant burn on your attack cards. Then there was his Nobody fusion form where he dashes across the field, shoots lasers at you, and attack you in diverse ways with his scythe, that it was just an annoyance and from the last fight, your cards are not replenished so it makes it just hard to choose which cards to absolutely use against either form. Then comes his final form where he basically releases the spirit- Delilah- out to fight with him. Even though the game gives the courtesy to renew all your cards, he has an ability where he forces all of your deck out onto the field, and you have to re collect them. and if you are not fast enough, your cards disappear. Not too mention a vortex of roses spinning around on the field, giant slash waves coming from his scythe's spirit, and then just moving around in a constant circle when not attack all around the outer edge of the field, it was just a blast to finally beat him. Granted others can say the same for Riku's final boss Ansem, equally as annoying in every aspect, Marluxia summon a goddess to attack for him takes the cake, where his damage is just insane. Marluxia, if you could have lived; you easily would have become number one within Organization XIII.

4: Gaia from Battle Arena Toshinden. Having played both the sega saturn and the playstation versions (Even though the sega saturn had an actual story line and 2 extra bosses) Gaia was always worth the hassle of getting to. You fight in a vortex of what looks like in the middle of the ocean, INSIDE IT EVEN, and you are on a small platform. His armor made him look like a monster born from your nightmares, and he was just...over powered. He could take out more than half your health with most of his attacks, and his range was beyond any other characters. If you couldn't time your rolls, and when to attack, you were dead and had to start all over. His theme however, is what stays in my mind. The music gives that feeling, of the enemy army sending their absolute best champion, the kings most powerful warrior, an undefeated general whose power and skill drastically dwarf any rivals, and that anyone who so much as dares to step up to him is crushed like the insect they are. Live on as the champion of champions Gaia.

3: Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Having to fight him four to five times, giving perspective, he had all right to be a final boss. From his constant Guard counters, to his unstoppable attacks once he has gotten started, and kick ass cinematic after pressing triangle, he makes for one great series of a final boss. First you fight him alone as Sora on top of the World that never was square in front of the bell tower. Guarding frequently, and counter attacking like a boss, his range of attacks were predictable, and the more he lost health the harder he became. He also has the tendency to have a showdown which is taken from the fight of Riku vs Roxas in the same area, you have to wait till it finally shows the attack command for triangle, or else nothing to either player happens. after that, you have to fight him while he is connected to a mechanical dragon; taking the form of a king sitting on his thrown. not only will he throw you away and cast a shield around himself, but you had to time out your attacks right, especially your limit break, or else you would end up wasting a bunch of MP and time. Then you have to fight his dragon on a hover scooter across the dimensions, and having to destroy the dragon this time. After the dragon crashes, you follow to be following in an abyss with a black hole right behind you, and the resurrected dragon in front of you, with no gravity. Needing to destroy the dragon's shield by throwing a tower into it, before facing Xemnas in his king form; but this time having abilities of his fallen members of the game and blowing you back all the way to the end, it makes for a killer battle. Not too mention his commentary to the characters, trying to get them to doubt their beliefs and turn them to his side. And then finally, you get to his normal form where the final, epic battle begins. Grand arial combat, having to switch to Riku to save Sora from Xemnas literally strangling him, and then one of the best finisher attacks ever, leading up to a combination strike between Sora and Riku; shooting a beam of light into Xemnas's heart. Dear god, Xemnas; I take back the Marluxia ever becoming number one. You truly deserve the spot.

2: Gigas from earthbound. Granted I never played this game, Gigas is just...His final form is an unborn Fetus people Come On! Do I really have to explain? UNBORN FETUS FOR A FINAL BOSS! I need to play this game just to be able to fight him.

1: Legend of Dragoon: Melbu Frama. This guy was sinister in every way. He started the dragon campaign, created the reason for Rose to become the black monster, having shana being the moon child; which starts off the entire game from disc one, cursing Rose's lover into stone, took over his body, produced Dart out of that bodies seed, fooled Dart and Rose into thinking that Zieg was dead, the cause of the wingly's fall, fooled Lloyed into doing your bidding, and nearly brought the end to the world by becoming a fucking God. Not only was this fight PACKED with the entire game's emotions from Disc one all the way to Disc four if you get into your game, his music is repetitive but final boss worthy, and goes through the stages of creation of the entire world itself; taking a **** ton of religious aspects into symbolism. Each stage perfectly represents what happened long before man came. Nothingness, to the universe, to the planet, to the days of life being brought to the planet with perfect harmony, and then takes the most drastic change in scenery, where as soon as man came into play everything becomes gory and a perfect image of hell. You fight his final form on top of corps island in the middle of flowing lava coming out of volcanoes during the apocalypse. This will forever be one of my most memorable bosses ever, I will never forget Melbu Framah. Not too mention, you get the strongest transformation in the game with Dart when you have to face him; and the finisher is perfectly fitting. For those of you who have not played this RPG: I suggest you do. You will not forget it, I am on my 25th run of the game, and it hasn't gotten old yet.
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Leader of Extremity/Extingent

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PostSubject: Re: Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses   Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses I_icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2012 12:28 pm

5: Azazel - Tekken 6

This boss made it here because of it's certain abilities that aren't fair. Crystal shards, stunning attacks, attacks you can't block, an auto-block feature when doing some moves, coming down without warning, and that laser... god I can't get over that guy's laser! So basically it's one big cheater.

4: Alduin - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A black, over-powered dragon makes it to number 4 on my list. Yes, you may say use "Dragonrend" to bring it down, but this guy is really tough even if you're using a Daedric weapon. Even with those three ancient Nordic heroes, it's still really hard. Not to mention it's fire breath, it deals 300+ raw damage plus it's burn effect. I needed so many health potions just to survive him.

3: Persephone - God of War: Chains of Olympus

The Queen of the Underworld makes 3 because in her final battle with Kratos, Persephone displayed numerous types of special abilities. Able to fly at great speed thanks to her set of wings, she was able to deliver diving strikes at Kratos with her fists. Furthermore, Persephone could throw projectiles through telekinesis, as well as conjure large rocks of debris that also served as projectiles. She could also summon multiple large pillars of energy that protruded from the ground, and shoot a large beams of energy. As a goddess, she was immortal and had high resistance powers, enhanced senses, super agility, and shapeshifting abilities, which allowed her to grow beyond Kratos' size. But what really pissed me off was the fact that I have to solve puzzles while being attacked. And those attacks distorts your screen enough to distract me.

2: Chaos - Dissidia Final Fantasy

Took me weeks to really finish this guy. He totally pissed me off, some bravery attacks that can't be blocked, attacks that very fast, and normally, when you block a bravery attack, it stops; not this guy though. His HP attacks are the worst, it involves sucking you into the attack and there will be no dodging it, especially Divine Punishment, Utter Chaos, and Brink of Delusion. It almost felt like there is no winning against him. But once you do, it pisses you off to find out you have to do it again, twice. Everything he has is resets while you are left with the same, EX gauge level, Bravery level, and HP. One last thing, fighting him in a small arena with his attacks having a large AoE is wrong, plain wrong.

1: Crimson Fatalis - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

It's big, ugly, strong and has a whole lot of HP. The things I'm looking for in my number boss. The Crimson Fatalis, also known as Red Fatalis, is a Black Fatalis whose shells and scales have become their reddish-crimson color after generations of exposure to the Volcano. Crimson Fatalis is the second of the Fatalis brethren and it lurks in the depths of the Volcanic Belt, where it lives as one with the environment. This thing is an embodiment of "Death from Above" because it likes to fly high with attacks being mostly fire balls from above and meteor showers that can cause instant death despite drinking a Max Potion. And the game doesn't let you see enemy HP bars, only yours. So sometimes it makes you wonder how many more do you have to give just to kill this guy. Though like other bosses, it is an arena. The arena has a lot of useful things but you have to stay stationary, but it's risky because stationary means death for this thing. With a size so big, you can't reach it's head, ugliness that you don't want to look at, strength that sends you to Hell, and a lot of HP that makes you wonder how much is left. This guy is a top boss.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses   Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses I_icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2012 2:28 pm

Here's my top five! (I'm not adding why are they so awesome 'cause I don't have time)

5: Wheatley - Portal 2

4: Jasper Batt Jr - No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

3: Xion - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

2: Kefka - FFVI

1: The Bishop of Blood and Carnage, the Black Muthafuckin' Baron - Madworld
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PostSubject: Re: Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses   Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses I_icon_minitime

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Top 5 Video game Bosses/Final Bosses
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