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PostSubject: The World   The World I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 24, 2012 9:29 am

Earth (2330AD, 318 AN)


In the year 2012 (Early 2013 by some accounts) the world was met with a new passing of the ethereal planet known as Nibiru. They met in the same space, the material Earth and the ethereal Nibiru.

This is not the first time it happened. It happened in ancient past and brought unnatural creatures into being. When they joined, these ethereal creatures became physical, material, creatures just as humans. Monsters abound. All the mythological creatures you hear of in the stories. Dragons. Vampires. Onii. Demons. The Undead. All of them are species of one sort or another that lived on Nibiru and became physical with the union of Earth. They tormented humanity for ages, hindering their development and stealing away their children.

Several thousand years later, earth was visited by Wormwood, an ancient comet that followed Nibiru. It is said it is the hammer of god, and that it was called by the prophets and church leaders and god responded to their plight, sending his hammer to destroy the creatures.

Whatever the case may be, Wormwood was a comet unlike others we know. Its tail was composed of ethereal substance similar to Nibiru. Part physical, part ethereal, and part divine by some accounts. Wormwood's tail bathed earth in its ghostly flame and its energy was felt throughout the planet. The creatures from Nibiru felt it the most, it shook them and forced them to return to their Ethereal state. But it had an effect on humanity's own souls and not just those from Nibiru. It left them with a means to combat the monsters, as they were not all gone. They were simply crippled. Rarely, some of the creatures find ways to become material again. Others are powerful enough they can effect the world even as they are ethereal. Thus Wormwood left humanity with a means to combat them. Their souls were infused with the essence of Wormwood, and it allowed some to perceive these ethereal creatures. Communicate... Manifest strange powers.

Few actually have enough essence to perform any real effects. Some can just see the spirits. Most ignore it as rubbish in the modern days. Nibiru was forgotten. And humanity had moved on...

Until it came again. Now in the modern days of humanity's ignorance, Nibiru passed once more and bolstered the creatures, infusing them with power while dropping off an oceans worth of new creatures. The passing wasn't perfect, and a union was not met, but they passed, taking much of each other's space enough that the creatures were empowered. Most creatures can now obtain material forms, many more still can effect the world around them even when ethereal. And many more fresh new creatures are now haunting the planet. Devouring humans and destroying cities.

With Wormwood several thousand years away, if its coming at all this time, what is humanity to do... Their only survival tool against them is the old blessings of Wormwood which with the new passing of Nibiru were envigored, giving them an increase in effectiveness and a much more physical nature (That is, things are less psychological now, less subtle. Flamboyant displays of ability are now available to the exceptionally skilled).

In the year 2313, 301 years after the coming of Nibiru and the Teufel, the name humanity has given these creatures, the earth's population had dropped to 1.6 billion, but civilization had gotten back on its feet after the surprise blow Nibiru brought. Humans can fight back with the help of old religious rites and magic that had been lost but not forgotten. Technology is back on track and with the development of Virtual Reality and Conversion units, human kind was even more stable then ever before. The war on the Teufel was at a standoff, both sides strong.

In the year 2320, there was a bloodless and nearly silent revolution. What was left of the old governments was overturned and transformed into D.O.V.E. It was told to everyone that the governments decided that life was too hard at that time to fight amongst each other. D.O.V.E was one large government that controlled the whole world. Boundaries were erased and the many countries were merged into four. Diligence, Opulence, Virtue, and Exigent. It was supposed to create a paradise, a utopia where everyone would live safe and healthy.

But it ended up being a hell on earth.

Unknown to the general public and to basically everyone, the revolution was led by the Teufel.  Some Teufel, very, very few of them, had developed the ability to control humans like puppets.  These Teufel took over the bodies of government leaders to create this revolution.

This is because the Teufel discovered that if a number of human children, any child 0 to 17 years old, are sacrificed, about 100 total, or 20 from every country, then the solidity of all Teufel will be insured for about 10 years. To ensure they would be able to do this easily and safely, the Teufel initiated this revolution.

It starts with an envelope. A happy, bright blue beacon in the dull world. Inside is an invitation to a private vacation to a island paradise. The included brochure promised an amusement park and high end hotel just for kids! No adults, just fun all the time. Except you don't have a choice whether to go or not.

The Teufel don't care about the humans and thus the state of the countries and the people living in them is terrible. This is why new nicknames were given to the countries: Dread, Oppression, Violence, and Extremity. These are the most commonly used names and the original names are hardly ever used except by 'government' people.

Fantasy Aspects

The world is steeped in the supernatural, however as far as understanding and utilization goes, humanity has much to learn. However, there are those that stand out among them. Spiritualists who have an understanding to some extent large or small who can use strange powers and/or communicate with the spirits of Nibiru (Teufel).

Magics exist but are uncommon (as far as NPCs are concerned). They include much of what exists now in superstition, such as Onmyōdō, Voodoo, much of the shamanistic ways. Since the arrival of Nibiru, the human psyche was enhanced as it was refreshed. ESP is more common, some can even use it to great extents. PK and similar abilities are more common.


The world has many scientific developments that have taken alternative turns. Much technology is built around magnetism instead of electricity, as the Teufel have displayed the ease of which they can disrupt electrical currents. Magnetism however has shown to be more resistant to disruption including disruption from solar storms and can be generated from the earth's own magnetic field.

In this age, Earth has many developments, but scientific exploration is hindered and redirected since the coming of the Teufel. Virtual Reality is a common means of escape and a safe haven from the trials of Earth. Conversion units are able to transmute bodies into the Virtual Reality, or send them to a different location almost instantly in the way we send e-mails. This development is considered key in the survival of humanity, providing escape from the monsters and even a permanent home in the VR. The wealthy can live in the Virtual Reality indefinitely. Maintaining everyone is a costly use of data storage and physical memory, thus it is not free.

Airlines have been shut down since year one of the AN (After Nibiru) period, flights being primary targets for the Teufel. Cars have stopped being used due to the fact that it is too dangerous to drill for oil. Transportation services are extremely expensive and only the rich can afford it so travel between cities is usually on foot. Because this is very dangerous, there is often no travel from one city to another unless it is absolutely necessary. Scavengers and explorers, however, dodge the government because of the fact that they don't stay in one place for a long time but this is often at the cost of their lives.

The World Itself

Earth 2330 is almost the same as our own Earth. Landmasses have shifted, the Atlantic ocean is about 80 miles wider in relation to North America and Europe, 120 miles closer in relation to Asia and North America. Meanwhile South America is closer to Africa and farther from Australia. Africa and Asia are separated, Saudi Arabia (and the close surrounding countries) are pushed outwards more into the Indian Ocean.
Otherwise its mostly the same. Things are just in slightly different areas... Geographically anyway.

Climate wise, the polar ice cap in the north is melted, sunlight is harsh and radiation is abound. A lot of Antarctica is exposed (no longer covered in ice). And Earth is much more desert like along the equator. Water evaporates fairly quickly, which is why sea levels are about the same as they are for us today despite all that ice melted into the oceans. Given another few hundred years its possible the planet could dry up as the planet only seems to get hotter as it goes, as radiation levels rise with less protection from the sun by the atmosphere. Radiation poisoning treatments are common, and small levels of a chemical that helps eliminate radiation and protect the body are distributed in water supplies. Lakes are treated with the same substance, which seems to make the water resistant to evaporation, but its just not in enough supply to treat the entire ocean with it (naturally. That's a hella'lot of water to treat XD).

Winters last only a few weeks and don't often provide much snow. Rain is uncommon, naturally. But science has provided means to artificially instigate rain and attract clouds. Sky Factories are a common sight, they fly about a hundred feet above the ocean along the coasts and help create clouds and send them off over the land to keep things up and maintain rain and moisture. The clouds don't naturally let go of its moisture, as it's too hot, so receiving Cryospheres (They appear to be large silvery balloons) situated near, around, or over cities "catch" them and artificially chill them, causing the moisture to revert to rain (Or sometimes snow in winter seasons) Its a losing fight, but its slowed the climate issues and helps keep areas lush.

In some areas its harder to chill the clouds enough to produce rain before the clouds move on, so some areas still get more rain then others do.

Many cities are now ruins. Large cities are now even larger, usually building up instead of out thus creating more sci-fi looking cities with many skyscrapers.
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The World
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