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 Danny Phantom Fanfics

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PostSubject: Danny Phantom Fanfics   Danny Phantom Fanfics I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 10:38 pm


Caption: "A show you can sink your teeth in!"

While mapping out the Ghost Zone, Danny, Sam and Tucker inadvertently rouse the anger of Gildemeir, a powerful dragon ghost who also runs a paranormal prison in the Ghost Zone. Anxious to do what Walker couldn't, Gildemeir and his second-in command, Shade, sneak into Amity Park through the Fenton Portal. There, Gildemeir uses his fire powers to create a gigantic firewall around the entire city preventing anyone from getting in, and more importantly, getting out. It's up to Danny Phantom and his friends to defeat Gildemeir and return Amity Park to normal.

Main Villain(s): Gildemeir, Shade

Deep within the vastness of the Ghost Zone, the Specter Speeder with Danny, Sam and Tucker inside speed by. The three teens were currently busy continuing their job of mapping out the Ghost Zone in order to understand and travel there easier.

"The faster we map out this area of the Ghost Zone, the faster we can get back to Lancer's boring reading assignment." said Danny as he was busy studying the map. As the three continued on their way, they fail to notice a large, scaly ghost up ahead. The ghost was a dragon, nearly twelve feet tall with green flames running from the back of his head all the way to the end of his tail. His eyes were a piercing red color. The ghost dragon had another ghost draped over his shoulders and wearing handcuffs. "Told you couldn't get away. Nobody ever gets away from Gildemeir! Hahaha!" bellowed the ghost who was then slammed into by the Specter Speeder. Sent sprawling, the prisoner he was holding also goes flying and disappears into the vastness of the Ghost Zone. "Ha-za!" yelled the prisoner as he vanishes from sight. Slowly rising to his feet, Gildemeir rubs his head and notices that his prisoner is missing. "Oh boy, I'm gonna get a lot of angry letters for this one. What the heck hit me!" Gildemeir roared as he looked behind him in time to see Danny step out of the Specter Speeder.

"Oh uh, heh, heh. sorry about that mac. We have a terrible driver." said Danny as he attempted to apologize. "Who are you calling a terrible driver?" Tucker said as the airbag, shaped like Jack Fentons head suddenly releases, pressing Tucker up against the window. "You kids are in a heap of trouble! It took me days to track down that fugitive and now i have to track'em down again!" roared Gildemeir who was getting more and more irritated by the second. "Yeah, again, sorry about that." Danny said as he made a bee line for the Specter Speeder, but he's then suddenly grabbed by the leg and hoisted up to eye level with the dragon, who at this time was now absolutely fuming, his eyes glowing bright red. "Tucker do something! Danny's gonna get barbecued out there!" Sam yelled as she popped the airbag, allowing Tucker to return to the controls. He presses a button as a couple of lasers activate and blast Gildemeir from behind, freeing Danny in the process. Using the situation to his advantage, Danny then quickly dashes into the Specter Speeder. "Hit it, Tucker!" Danny yelled. "And hitting it!" said Tucker as he pressed another button which activates the main thrusters. however, instead of speeding forwards, the Specter Speeder is sent backwards, ramming once again into the enraged ghost dragon. "TUCKER!" Danny and Sam cried. "Oops, had the silly thing in reverse. And with that the Specter Speeder zooms off, leaving the battered, bruised and enraged Gildemeir behind.

"Not once, but twice! Those kids are-" a piece of paper then smacks into his face. Gildemeir pulls off the paper, then notices that it's a wanted poster of the very ghost boy he just encountered. With a toothy grin, Gildemeir sets fire to the wanted poster. "You better watch your back kid, because I'm gunning for you. Muahahahahaha!

Yo, Danny Fenton he was just fourteen
When his parents built a really strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen!

He's gotta catch'm all cause he's Danny Phantom!

Well it didn't quite work, so his folks just quit
And Danny took a look inside of it
There was a great big flash, everything just changed
His molecules got all rearranged!

Phantom! Phantom!

When he first woke up, he realized
He had snow white hair, and glowing green eyes
He could walk through walls, disappear and fly
He's much more unique than the average guy.
It was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghosts from coming through
He's here to fight for me and you!

He's gotta catch'm all cause he's Danny Phantom!
Gotta catch'm all cause he's Danny Phantom!
Gotta catch'm all cause he's, Danny Phantom!

(Will continue later)
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Danny Phantom Fanfics
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