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 Story Time

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PostSubject: Story Time   Story Time I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 6:53 pm

I wrote a small little story just a few minutes ago...I hope you all enjoy it or something.

Blood dripped from every spot of his body as possibly. Gallons poured out of him as he stood there, gripping his blade tightly, going in and out of consciousness. The silver haired man panted heavily as his bright green eyes slowly began to lose their color. Standing in front of him was a man with the same silver hair, but bright blue eyes.
“I think it’s time for you to just stop Arachi,” the man said as he raised his sword, pointing it at Arachi.

Arachi continued to pant and closed one of his eyes, straightening himself up as good as he could. He began to immediately cough up blood and sunk down to the ground, holding his side.
“This…can’t be the end…can it?,” He thought as he felt the world begin to swirl around him. He heard footsteps approaching him as he got tried to pick himself up from the ground.

Feeling the cold steel against the back of his neck made him freeze instantly, goose bumps popping up across his entire body. Everything seemed to stop for him as he heard the man chuckle sinisterly.
“You thought you were a Excell like us, didn’t you little Arachi? You thought you had it all…you thought you could protect everyone,” the man started.

Arachi felt his body shudder and tears begin to form in his eyes.
“No…this can’t be the end…,” He thought as he felt the tears flow freely. The man smirked and picked up Arachi; Arachi dropping his blade from the blood loss.
The man continued,” You thought you could protect her..what was her name again? Eliza, right?”

Arachi felt his body tense up at the sound of her name.
He coughed and chuckled,” You don’t deserve to say Eliza’s never were.” He groaned a bit as he felt a sharp pain in his chest; his ribs have almost become dust, his heartbeat getting slower by the second.
He continued,” If you think this is going to make her love you; making me into a criminal, you’re wrong. She could never love you…Itsuka.”

Itsuka’s sneer dropped instantly and his face twisted with rage. He swung his arm before chucking Arachi into a wall, causing him to cough blood.
“You think….that I’m making you look bad because of her?!,” Itsuka screamed,” Hell no! I’m not doing this for you, or her!” His pace began to pick up as he started to run, his sword aimed at Arachi’s heart.
“I’m doing this for me! To see you suffer!,” He screamed as he thrusted the blade forward, sending it into Arachi’s chest.

Arachi screamed and groaned as he felt the blade pierce his heart. He gasped lightly before he felt his world go blank. He chuckled a bit and looked into Itsuka’s eyes.
Raising his arm slowly, he laughed,” I know…brother. I…forgive you.”

Itsuka stared at him flabbergasted as he watched his brother’s eyes slowly fade to black, his hair turning the darkest shade of red. He slowly removed the sword from his chest, stepping back slowly.
He thought,” So…that’s it…huh?” He jumped a bit as he felt something wet hit his head. Looking up slowly, he extended his arm out as he felt the rain hit his palm. The thunder boomed loudly as the rain began to come down hard.

And so came the end to the mightiest duel of two brothers….
Or so they say~
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Story Time
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